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ICT-Library Photos

[img src=]411BSUTH staff training
ICT Coordination taking a training session
[img src=]320BSUTH Staff training
BSUTH staff in a training session, year 2013
[img src=]320ICT-Networking
BSUTH ICT staff networking the Chest clinic
[img src=]320Visual library
Cross section of computers at the BSUTH Visual Library
[img src=]321Testing laptops
BSUTH ICT staff checking status of (Zinox) Laptop computers donated by Nigeria Communications Commission
[img src=]361Endoscopy machine
ICT staff carrying out maintenance on one of the Endoscopy machines at BSUTH
[img src=]291ICT-networking
Mounting a 5.8 radio at the Call Rooms
[img src=]280ICT-networking
Extending Internet services to the BSUTH Call Rooms
[img src=]290ICT Office
ICT Coordinator in his office
[img src=]301BSUTH staff training
BSUTH Software Administrator training staff on a software
[img src=]331Repairs
BSUTH ICT Staff carrying out maintenance on a Desktop system at the office
[img src=]291Network mast
ICT staff (Rigger) climbing one of the network masts at BSUTH
[img src=]241Library
Display of books at BSUTH Library
[img src=]250Library
Display of books at BSUTH Library
[img src=]240Library
A medical student studying at the BSUTH central library
[img src=]210Library
Some BSUTH Library staff at the lbrary reception